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KAR’s International Small Cap Strategy Receives a Four-Star PSN Top Gun Ranking by Informa Investment Solutions
July 17, 2017
In PSN's Top Guns ranking for the first quarter 2017, KAR's International Small Cap re strategy earns a four-star ranking.

KAR’s International Small Cap strategy received a four-star Top Gun ranking for the International Equity Universe by Informa Investment Solutions’ PSN manager database. To achieve a four-star ranking, products must have an R-Squared of 0.80 or greater relative to the style benchmark for a five-year period ending March 31, 2017. Moreover, products must have returns greater than the style benchmark for the three latest three-year rolling periods ending March 31, 2017. The top ten performers for the latest three-year period ending March 31, 2017 become the Four-Star Top Guns.


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