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Financial Planning

A Financial Roadmap… providing a guide to your financial well-being.

Setting goals, having dreams, and assessing the state of current affairs helps lay the foundation for your future financial well-being. And having a dynamic plan in place to get you to your goals gives you peace of mind. And that peace of mind is priceless.

Our financial planning services are oriented toward achieving that peace of mind.


Where are you today? Where do you want to be in the future? How will you get there? Our goal is to provide you answers to these questions.

We take a holistic and comprehensive view of your financial situation with the end goal of providing a customized plan designed to meet your specific needs and circumstances. We are not just interested in the balance sheet side of the equation. We also look at the income statement so we have a complete picture of your set of circumstances. This is where we begin digging into the details so we can provide guidance on all aspects of your financial life. Through our in-house expertise and our network of local professionals, our goal is to provide the guidance you need to make the right decisions for you and your family’s future.

The financial planning process begins by establishing our relationship, gathering your information, analyzing the data we’ve collected, developing a plan, implementing the plan, and then monitoring it consistently.

Our financial planning services include:

Tax Management

Our goal is to minimize your tax burden. New clients will often have an existing portfolio in place when they engage with us. Our first step is to develop a thoughtful portfolio transition plan, taking into consideration the potential taxes and transition costs of rebalancing the existing portfolio. We will develop a plan of action prior to beginning the rebalancing process.

On an ongoing basis, we will also work with your current tax advisor to implement the best tax strategy to maximize your overall returns. We are mindful of the tax impact on investment returns and we proactively work towards minimizing taxes.

Retirement Planning and Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow planning provides insight into how much income you’ll have to live off of and how long your assets will last while keeping other financial goals in mind. When should you start taking withdrawals? What is the appropriate amount of these withdrawals? What returns do I need to earn in order to continue my existing lifestyle throughout my retirement years? Should I file and suspend Social Security? How will my required minimum distribution requirements work? At Kayne Anderson Rudnick, we’ll be by your side helping you find the answers to these questions and more.

Estate and Charitable Planning

Whether you plan to leave a legacy or spend every penny you have, an estate plan will be the guide to achieving your goals. This will allow you to not only help carry out your wishes, but it will relieve your family and friends of a potential future burden as well.

Risk and Insurance Planning

Life happens. Significant events occur when you least expect. Mitigating risk is a key component of having a well-rounded financial plan. We work with a team of outside professionals to help analyze your unique situation and present the most appropriate solutions for you.

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