Fixed Income Made Simple: Essential Terms and...

Fixed Income Made Simple: Essential Terms and Definitions

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December 20, 2023

Many investors will have some exposure in their investment portfolio to bonds. Bonds can be an important component in an overall asset allocation as they typically (1) provide a reliable income stream and (2) preserve capital. While on the surface the mechanics of bond investments can seem straightforward (a loan in which the issuer agrees to pay the buyer interest for the loan), there are many terms that are used to describe the basic components of a bond that can be confusing.


By using the below illustration, we will outline and define the main terms used to describe the primary components of a bond investment. The collection of terms and definitions are the primary ones that will be seen on statements, bond offerings, trade confirmations, and heard in the news.


Yields: Many different yield numbers are referenced in fixed income. All are important and measure expected return in different ways.


There are a wealth of considerations involved in analyzing and deliberating fixed income investment strategies, and building a proper portfolio to meet an investors goals, that go far beyond the terms discussed above. Contact our experienced team to discuss your investment objectives and explore how fixed income investing aligns with your financial goals.


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