Let's Talk Small Caps with Jon Christensen

Let's Talk Small Caps with Jon Christensen Podcast

July 14, 2023

Small Cap Co-Portfolio Manager, Jon Christensen, CFA, joined Ryan Nauman’s ‘Adjusted for Risk Podcast’ to discuss the Zephyr Top Gun’s ranked KAR Small Cap Core strategy and what type of macro-environment small-cap investors should hope for in the future. Listen through the end for a bonus discussion about Jon’s impressive baseball card collection.

Podcast Highlights:

– 1:20 Introduction
– 4:25 Describing KAR’s Investment Philosophy
– 7:00 Staying True to KAR’s Focus on Quality in Any Market Environment
– 11:45 Consistency is Key for Success
– 17:40 Are Markets Inefficient?
– 23:45 The Small Cap Space Today
– 32:35 20,000 Baseball Card Collection


This information is being provided by Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management, LLC (“KAR”) for illustrative purposes only. Information in this article is not intended by KAR to be interpreted as investment advice, a recommendation or solicitation to purchase securities, or a recommendation of a particular course of action and has not been updated since the date listed on the correspondence, and KAR does not undertake to update the information presented. This information is based on KAR’s opinions at the time of publication of this material and are subject to change based on market activity. There is no guarantee that any forecasts made will come to pass. KAR makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of the information contained herein. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Kayne Anderson Rudnick has been awarded a PSN Top Guns distinction by Informa Financial Intelligence’s PSN manager database, North America’s longest running database of investment managers. KAR received the PSN Top Guns Manager of the Decade recognition for several of its investment strategies. The KAR Small Cap Core, KAR Small Cap Sustainable Growth, KAR Small-Mid Cap Core, KAR Small-Mid Cap Value, and KAR Mid Cap Core strategies all received the Manager of the Decade designation for the 10-year period ending December 31, 2022.

Through a combination of Informa Financial Intelligence’s proprietary performance screens, *PSN Top Guns (*free registration to view Top Guns) ranks products in six proprietary categories in over 50 universes. This is a well-respected quarterly ranking and is widely used by institutional asset managers and investors. Informa Financial Intelligence is part of Informa PLC, a leading provider of critical decision-making solutions and custom services to financial institutions.

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