Bounce Off the Bottom Starts to Even Out

Bounce Off the Bottom Starts to Even Out

Global Dividend Yield Review of the Third Quarter of 2021 | KayneCast 170

November 2, 2021

Richard Sherry, Senior Portfolio Manager and Analyst for KAR’s Global Dividend Yield portfolio, looks back on the first half of 2021 as a bounce off the bottom for the economy. These bounces are generally led by lower-quality businesses that tend to be more negatively impacted by weak economics and therefore have more room to rebound with a return to normalcy.

However, economies started to normalize in the second half of the year, despite continuing post-pandemic supply chain disruptions. Additionally, the threat of higher inflation can prove to be a disadvantage for lower-quality companies that do not have the pricing power to pass higher operating costs to their customers, which can result in more balanced performance between low and high-quality companies. As the world continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic, higher-quality companies that were able to strengthen their competitive positions over the past year should continue to do well.

Key Contributors and Detractors in Global Dividend Yield

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Back to Normal?

Sherry believes the impact of the COVID-19 Delta variant is waning and that vaccines will continue to have a positive impact on the return of society to normal. On the other hand, supply chain disruptions are lasting longer than anticipated and are now expected to last well into next year.

“Overall, however, we expect economic activity to continue to return to normal. COVID created volatility in dividends, but we are continuing to look for businesses we believe are priced well and can pay stable dividends going forward.”


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