Equity Markets Pullback in Q3 2023

Equity Markets Pullback in Q3 2023

Market Review 3Q2023 Podcast | Episode 231

October 11, 2023

“AI is a transformation technology that has the ability and capability to impact every industry one way or another as we move forward. It’s still early, but it’s something we’re monitoring closely.”

Each quarter, Doug Foreman, CFA, Co-Chief Investment Officer offers his perspective on the underlying forces driving the market.  Listen to his most recent episode where Doug recaps market activity during Q3 2023, focusing on these areas:

– What were the primary reasons for the pullback in equity markets during the third quarter?
–  What is KAR’s view on AI as an investment theme?
–  What are the bond market and yield curve signaling to investors?
–  Should investors still be concerned about the recession that hasn’t happened yet?

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