Mid Cap Stock Index Sees Volatile First...

Mid Cap Stock Index Sees Volatile First Quarter in 2022

Mid Cap Core Review of the First Quarter of 2022 | KayneCast 184

May 12, 2022

In this episode of KanyeCast, host Jordan Greenhouse and Jon K. Christensen, Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst for the KAR Mid Cap Core Portfolio, provide a stock market performance review for Q1 2022, examining the impact increased volatility had on mid-cap stocks and consider what ongoing market stressors mean for the 2022 stock market outlook.


Q1 2022 Stock Market Review

The first quarter of 2022 saw significant market volatility leading to overall flat to negative returns across most equity classes. The emergence of the Omicron variant in late 2021 delayed a much-anticipated post-pandemic economic recovery, and inflation was high as the economy continued to deal with the fallout from COVID-related supply chain disruptions. When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the resulting spike in oil and other key commodities due to unprecedented international sanctions added to both supply chain disruptions and inflationary pressures.

Christensen notes “All of these issues generated negative returns in both the equity and fixed income markets.” He reports that “Large caps outperform small caps in the quarter due to the volatility we saw. Growth stocks were weakened by the technology downturn we saw in the first part of the year,” but the energy sector had a historically good quarter, with utilities, materials, and consumer staples also performing well.


Moving into Q2 Feels Like Deja Vu

Looking forward, Christensen notes that Q2 2022 feels like Q2 2021, with hopes the economy will soon be in growth mode. However, inflation, supply chain issues, and the Russia-Ukraine war have added a level of unpredictable volatility to the mid-cap segment of the market, and some investors will scramble to chase performance or avoid losses.
Despite this volatility, Christensen continues to believe in KAR’s strategy of finding “those businesses that have temporary valuation disconnects that we can take advantage of while riding out the ups and downs of the market by having stocks that can persevere during these uncertain periods.”


Mid Cap Core Contributors and Detractors

Listen to the podcast above to learn more about the top contributors and detractors in KAR’s Mid Cap Core strategy for Q1 2022.


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