The Case for Mid-Caps

The Case for Mid-Caps

    The Case for Mid-Caps
December 23, 2022

At KAR, we believe that, mid-cap stocks with strong fundamental characteristics can play an important role in diversifying an investor’s portfolio.

In our whitepaper, our experts outline why they believe mid-cap stocks are often overlooked versus large-cap and small-cap stocks, and why mid-caps have characteristics that can complement large-caps and small-caps. We’ll walk you through the definition of mid-cap stocks, why we believe they present a unique set of opportunities, and how, in our view, an active investment strategy built around high-quality mid-cap companies may be additive to a diversified portfolio over time.

Overlooked Opportunities in Mid-Cap

Mid-cap stocks are sometimes overlooked as they lie in the shadow of large-cap companies that dominate the investment news cycle, while small-cap stocks are seen as a counterweight to large-caps and an opportunity for exposure to growth. However, our research finds that while mid-caps retain qualities of both large-cap and small-cap stocks, it is their differences that make them compelling.

Why We Believe in the Qualities of Mid-Cap Stocks:

  • Large opportunity set
  • Compelling return patterns versus large-cap and small-cap stocks

Why KAR Invests in Mid-Cap Stocks

For additional information on why we believe investing in mid-cap stocks can be an important tool for investors, read our whitepaper or check out the KAR Mid Cap Core portfolio, a strategy we’ve been managing for more than 20 years.

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This report is based on the assumptions and analysis made and believed to be reasonable by Kayne Anderson Rudnick (“KAR”). However, no assurance can be given that KAR’s opinions or expectations will be correct. This report is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation or solicitation to purchase securities. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.