Aung OO
Team Lead, Applications System Specialist

Industry Experience Start Date: 2008

KAR Start Date: 2017

Education: B.S., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey
B.S., Computer Science, University Of Computer Science Yangon, Myanmar
High School, No. 23. Basic Education State High School, Mandalay Myanmar
Middle School, No. 1. Basic Education State Middle School, Mandalay Myanmar
Primary School, No. 19. Basic Education State Primary School, Mandalay Myanmar

Prior Work Experience:
BI Developer – Score Big, United States
BI Developer – NetLink Trust, Singapore
Data Analyst – SingTel, Singapore
Substation Automation Engineer – UAE

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job:
I like logical thinking and programming since my high school. As an application system specialist I have the chance to put my interest to my work with passion.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at KAR:
The stability of my job and friendly environment at KAR make me happy. I also like working remotely on some days as it save energy and give strength to work with more productivity.

What Are You Involved in Outside of Work:
After the work I spend most of my time with my two kids, playing with them, guiding their school works. Working out, swimming and singing are my favorite things to do, but I rarely have time for it.