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Spuds Powell, Darnel Bentz and Dustin Gale recognized as “2023 Visionaries: Leaders in Banking and Finance”

May 9, 2023
Spuds Powell, Darnel Bentz and Dustin Gale

Spuds Powell, Managing Director, Darnel Bentz, Senior Wealth Advisor and Dustin Gale, Senior Wealth Advisor were named “Leaders in Banking and Finance” by Los Angeles County Banking & Finance magazine, a publication of the LA Times, for the second consecutive year.

To read the full honoree feature, including individual profiles of Spuds, Darnel and Dustin, visit: LA Business Journal 2023 Visionaries Online Magazine


“KAR is thrilled that Spuds, Darnel and Dustin have been recognized once more as a leader in their respective field,” said Stephen A. Rigali, Executive Managing Director. “Their commitment to our clients and individual communities is what makes our distinguished team stand out, and is reflected not only in their work, but within this achievement.”


In order to be recognized, each honoree had to demonstrate continued success and accomplishments over the last 24 months. Qualitative characteristics such as leadership in and outside of the office within charitable organizations had also been considered.


The honorees profiled in this special edition of the publication were nominated by their colleagues and peers and selected by the publication’s stakeholders. Honorees represent commercial banking, investment banking, asset/investment management, lending, and private equity sectors as well as service executives across the legal, accounting and insurance sectors.


The LA Times B2B Publishing 2023 Visionaries honor was given in March 2023 and covers the year 2023. KAR has not paid fees to the award sponsor to obtain the award and does not anticipate that it will pay fees to re-license the award.


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