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KAR awarded Best Firm Culture at 2022 PAM Awards

February 17, 2022

Kayne Anderson Rudnick was honored with the Best Firm Culture: Large Firms award at this year’s Private Asset Management (PAM) Awards on February 17.

The Best Firm Culture: Large Firms category recognizes the achievements of a large ($10bn plus) wealth management firm or family office that has led the way in terms of creating an inclusive and positive working environment for its staff, while also having a well-developed succession/business continuation structure in place for the future.


“Thank you to the entire team for their individual contributions that truly create a firm culture that we are proud of,” said Stephen Rigali, Executive Managing Director, Kayne Anderson Rudnick. “Our founder, John Anderson had a mantra to always ‘do the right thing’ and each person at Kayne Anderson Rudnick embodies that mindset. Our firm is run by smart, driven people whose varied backgrounds inform everything we do, from nurturing client relationships to implementing investment strategies.”


Often regarded as the “Oscars” of the US private asset management industry, the PAM Awards has over two decades of recognition as identifying top investment professionals, wealth advisors, legal firms, consultants, and other key service providers, showcasing the incredible achievements they have accomplished.


To be considered for the PAM Awards, the Kayne Anderson Rudnick team provided evidence of the steps taken to achieve a positive working environment, testimonials from staff, and turnover statistics that would support their submission. Kayne Anderson Rudnick is described as striving to do the right thing and maintaining a team-oriented culture of accessibility, open and honest communication, and respect. The firm encourages an environment of intellectual honesty and believes in empowering and growing its people.


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KAR has not paid fees to the award sponsor to obtain the award and does not anticipate that it will pay fees to re-license the award. KAR sponsored part of the virtual gala for the awards ceremony, but doing so was not a prerequisite to winning the award.


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