Jacquelyn Villegas
Investment Advisor Associate

Industry Start Date: 2017

KAR Start Date: 2022

Education: A.S. in Health Science from Elgin Community College

Prior to Joining KAR:
Prior to KAR, Jackie worked as a Private Client Service Associate at Lido Advisors. Prior to that, Jackie served as a Wealth Management Client Associate at Merrill Lynch.

What Do You Most Enjoy About Your Job:
What I enjoy most is being able to connect and create relationships with my colleagues and clients. Being able to assist and provide knowledge to clients, guiding them through different life events, and being someone they can trust is very rewarding.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at KAR?
What I enjoy most about KAR is everyone’s willingness to give a helping hand. Everyone really enjoys coming into work every day and collaborating to make sure the work gets done. I know that I am working with incredible people who enjoy and love what they do!

What Are You Involved in Outside of Work?
I enjoy taking quick weekend trips to San Diego, spending time with my pup, family & friends and dedicating Sundays to football.