Charitable Giving Planning & Strategies
Maximize your tax benefits through planning

Giving back and supporting causes you’re passionate about may be an essential aspect of managing your wealth, as it is for many Americans. Your choice of how to do this can have an impact on your overall financial picture as well as on the charities you choose to fund.

You can make one-time or regular gifts to a charity during your lifetime. You may also choose to make charitable giving part of your estate plan and legacy. Your goals may be to substantially support one charity, spread your support among multiple charities, initiate a family legacy of charitable giving that your children can continue, or create your own philanthropic entity.

We have experience and insight into different charitable giving strategies and can advise you on which ones can be most beneficial in helping you meet your philanthropic goals.

These strategies include:

  • Cash gifts and bequests
  • Gifts of securities
  • Real estate donations and bequests
  • Art and collectibles donations and bequests
  • Donations from IRAs and retirement plans
  • Part-gift, part-sale transactions
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable trusts
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Remainder interest in a personal residence
  • Private or public foundations


We understand the range of issues involved in charitable giving.

We can help you develop an overall charitable giving plan that integrates with your estate planning and tax planning, determines the best timing for gifts, the best assets to be used, and covers investment policies, asset valuation, documentation and reporting.

If you want to incorporate effective, beneficial strategies for charitable giving into your financial plan, contact us.