Wealth Management Retirement Planning
Lay a foundation today for a happy, prosperous future


Your retirement dreams are likely very different from the retirement dreams of your grandparents. We are living longer, with greater productivity and activity in our senior years than preceding generations. Some people want to work longer at a career they love—either continuing with their current passion or pursuing a new one. Some want to retire sooner and travel, volunteer, spend more time with family, or even write their memoirs. The possibilities are virtually limitless.


Retirement dreams today are very individual. Your retirement plan needs to be individual too. KAR wealth management can help.


Our retirement team can walk you through all the options and complexities of funding the retirement you want, keeping all of your other financial goals in mind, too. We will look at your current plan, and based on projected Social Security, investment and income earnings, help you decide how to ensure your actions fit your goals.

Timing Your Retirement

Can you retire now? In 10 or 20 years? This will depend largely on how much income you will have to live off and how long your assets can last. Retiring too early can strain your financial resources, but retiring too late may deprive you of lifestyle opportunities. The sooner you begin planning for retirement, the more control you may have over this decision. However, it’s never too late to make a plan.

Social Security

We can help you with the decisions that need to be made about your social security, including when to start collecting and how to maximize your benefits. These decisions should be made in the context of your total financial picture, now and at retirement age. 

Investment Income

You want to preserve your standard of living as you grow older. Our team can help you invest for your future and determine when you should start taking withdrawals from your portfolio and the appropriate amount of these withdrawals. We’ll show you the returns you need in order to preserve your standard of living throughout a potentially long lifespan and the level of risk that may be acceptable to achieve them. 

Our advisors can help you make the most of defined contribution or benefit plans, executive compensation, annuities, IRAs and all your investment instruments.

Health and Long-Term Care

No matter how healthy you are now, as we live longer, the chances for health issues increase. Without proper advance planning, the expense of a major illness, disability or long-term care can disrupt your retirement, your spouse’s retirement and your family’s inheritance. We’ll help you find the solutions that are best for you and your family.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future of loved ones and special interests can be as important as planning for yourself. That’s why our wealth management team reviews your estate plan along with your retirement plan.

If you’re ready to gain the peace of mind of knowing your retirement plan is well aligned with your goals, contact us today.