Aung OO

Team Lead, Applications System Specialist

Start Date
Industry: 2008
KAR: 2017
  • B.S., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Middle East Technical University –
    Ankara, Turkey
  • B.S., Computer Science, University of Computer Science – Yangon, Myanmar
Prior Work Experience
  • BI Developer – Score Big, United States
  • BI Developer – NetLink Trust, Singapore
  • Data Analyst – SingTel, Singapore
  • Substation Automation Engineer – UAE

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?
I have enjoyed logical thinking and programming since high school. As an applications system specialist, I am able to apply my interest to my work with passion.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at KAR?
The stability of my job and friendly environment at KAR make me happy. I also like working remotely on some days as it saves energy and gives strength to work with more productivity.

What Are You Involved in Outside of Work?
After work I spend most of my time with my two kids, playing with them, and guiding their schoolwork. Working out, swimming and singing are my favorite things to do, but I rarely have time for it.

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