Craig Stone
Co-Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst

Research Experience Start Date: 1990

KAR Start Date: 2000

Sector Coverage: Small and mid-capitalization real estate and consumer discretionary

Craig Manages: Small Cap Quality Value, Small-Mid Cap Quality Value, Small-Mid Cap Core, and Mid Cap Core

Education: MBA, University of Southern California
B.S., International Business, San Francisco State University

Prior Work Experience:
Portfolio Manager – Doheny Asset Management

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job:
The investment team is unified in our goal of helping our clients attain financial security. We want to do this by achieving strong returns, but also by making sure that we focus on capital preservation. I truly enjoy working on a team that works so diligently to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at KAR:
What I most enjoy about working at KAR is the people and camaraderie. It’s very important for everyone to have a common belief and all of the investment professionals here at KAR truly believe in our philosophy of investing in high-quality companies. I think it is very rare in our industry to have such strong commonality and cohesion in our investment philosophy.

What Are You Involved in Outside of Work:
I enjoy traveling and I am a hobbyist photographer. During my travels, I like to take my camera and seeing the world through the camera lens gives you a different perspective. This perspective helps me to see that the world is so different in many ways, but people are also very similar and I enjoy exploring these different aspects of the world around us.


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