Jon K. Christensen, CFA
Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst

Research Experience Start Date: 1995

KAR Start Date: 2001

Sector Coverage: Small and mid-capitalization health-care and industrials

Jon Manages: Small Cap Core, Small Cap Sustainable Growth, Small Mid Cap Core and Mid Cap Core

Education: M.B.A., California State University, Long Beach, B.S., Mathematics/Applied Science, University of California, Los Angeles

Prior Work Experience:
Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst – Doheny Asset Management

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job:
Jon really loves investing. It is an exciting profession to be in because you are always learning something new—a new business model, a new technology, a new consumer product, a new way to conduct business. It can be very humbling, but the beauty of the profession is that you are learning every day that you come into the office.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at KAR:
One of the things Jon enjoys most about working at KAR is the people. Working with a great group of people that continually challenge you intellectually.

One of the other things he truly enjoys is that he fundamentally believes in our high-quality approach to investing. Every day we are examining really great businesses, really digging in and challenging each other as to why these are or are not great businesses. As a result, we all make each other better as investors. That makes coming to work every single day a truly enjoyable experience.

What Are You Involved in Outside of Work:

While Jon thoroughly enjoys work, family is by far the most important thing to him. Jon has two kids that keep him very busy. He has coached their sports teams since they were three years old. They learn from Jon but, most importantly, Jon learns from them as well and that helps him be a better parent.

Outside of that, he reads and loves being active. Jon runs, skis and plays tennis. He is also am very involved in his church.


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