Julie Kutasov
Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst

Research Experience Start Date: 2001

KAR Start Date: 2001

Sector Coverage: Small and mid-capitalization materials, industrials and utilities

Julie Manages: Small Cap Quality Value, Small-Mid Cap Quality Value and Small-Mid Cap Core

Education: MBA, Harvard Business School

B.A., Business Economics, University of California, Los Angeles

Prior Work Experience:
Goldman Sachs program focused on investment management for high-net-worth individuals
Senior Associate – Arthur Andersen

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job:
I feel very lucky that I am in a profession that allows me to be challenged intellectually every day no matter how long I have been in the industry. That makes me very excited to come to work on a daily basis. In fact, I am as enthusiastic today about coming to work as I was on my very first day at Kayne Anderson Rudnick.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at KAR:
The most enjoyable part about working at KAR is the culture. No matter how much we have grown (and we’ve grown quite a bit in my time here), it still feels like a small, family-like firm. The first thing you notice is the respect that everyone has for each other on the team. And when I use the word “team,” it is very genuine. It is a very collaborative environment and that helps you grow professionally.

What Are You Involved in Outside of Work:
I’ve always admired those that find time in their busy schedules to help other less fortunate people in need. I was truly honored to join the Board of Trustees of a Los Angeles-based student scholarship foundation several years ago, which I was a recipient of myself as an undergrad at UCLA. There is nothing more rewarding than being involved in young people’s lives and to see their dreams come true.


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