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A Long-Standing Culture of Diversity and Inclusion - a special WealthBriefing report on KAR’s corporate social responsibility program

July 1, 2022

Jeannine Vanian, COO, talks about KAR’s CSR Program and the firm’s long fostered culture of diversity and inclusion.

The June 2022 edition of Acclaim Magazine recognized leaders across the global wealth management industry through the WealthBriefing Awards Programme. Recognized for the category “Best CSR Staff Programme- Americas”, Jeannine comments “We are known for our investment acumen. We see this award as a way to showcase our commitment to forging meaningful connections with the people around us, attracting community-oriented advisors and creating an outlet for CSR-minded clients.


She shares community initiatives that the firm focuses on and how clients and employees participate in KAR’s CSR program.

Read the full article to learn more about our CSR program.




The Wealth For Good Awards are independently judged based solely on the basis of entrant’s submissions and their response to a number of specific questions, which are answered by focusing on the client experience rather than purely quantitative performance metrics. The awards recognize the very best operators in global wealth management with “independence”, “integrity”, and “genuine insight”, the watchwords of the judging process. While the judging process is completely independent of any commercial arrangements between the participants and the organizers, it is expected that winners have an obligation to work with the organizers to promote their award and this obligation is separate to attendance at an awards ceremony. KAR did not pay any fees to participate in the Wealth For Good Awards; however, KAR did pay fees for an advertisement and article placement after it was notified that it won. For additional information regarding the Wealth For Good Awards and methodology, please visit


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