Adam Xiao, CFA
Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst

Research Experience Start Date: 2013

KAR Start Date: 2018

Sector Coverage: Small cap and mid cap financials, communication services, consumer discretionary, and information technology

Adam Manages: Thematic Quality

M.B.A., Columbia Business School

B.A., Operations Research and Management Science, University of California, Berkeley

Prior Work Experience:
Equity Research Senior Associate – Diamond Hill Capital Management.
Equity Research Associate – Dodge & Cox

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job:
I find the work of investing a joy because of the continuous discovery and knowledge accumulation. I live for the moments when learning about a company I realize there might be something special there and it sets off for me a thrilling chase to verify that inkling and to fully understand each aspect of the business that contributes to that specialness. Each incremental discovery adds to my understanding of business and competition. That feeling of growth keeps me motivated and excited throughout.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at KAR:
What I love the most about KAR is working with people who each individually have a deep passion for investing and a strong desire to continuously improve at it. I am invigorated every day by the atmosphere of shared striving to hone the craft. The best part of our entire team is that each member is warm, friendly and enthused to help you. The discussions we have, challenging our ideas and exploring new avenues of thinking, have each time made me better – and that is a feeling that I treasure.

What Are You Involved in Outside of Work:
Outside of the office, I spend a good amount of my time on fitness. I enjoy being active not only because of the endorphin rush post-workout but also because of the opportunity to get a little better and go a little further each time. I am also constantly on the lookout for new songs that move me, great fiction stories that resonate with me, comedians well-versed on the human condition and well-researched psychology lectures that can teach me about who we are.


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