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Launched in 1984 and providing customized financial planning and investment solutions ever since, Kayne Anderson Rudnick’s wealth management team’s commitment to high-quality investments has remained at the core of our approach since our firm was first founded by Richard Kayne, John Anderson, and Allan Rudnick. When one considers our portfolio history and our 97% client retention rate, it should be no surprise that we’ve consistently been ranked among the best wealth management firms by Barron’s Magazine.
In the KAR Scottsdale wealth management team, you’ll find a financial partner you can trust to achieve your goals, giving you the peace of mind you need to enjoy what matters most: living a happy, meaningful, healthy life with those you love.

Our wealth management services include:

Contact our Scottsdale wealth management office to meet with a KAR wealth manager. Our process involves a holistic, comprehensive examination of your particular financial situation and your specific goals. We’ll help you lay a strong foundation for your and your family’s future with a plan that is tailored to you.


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